Director and Veterinarian BSc BVMS(Hons)

Kristabel ventured to the South West from a Poll Dorset sheep stud and cropping property near Naracoorte to complete her last three years of schooling at The Hamilton and Alexandra College. With her farming background and love for the equine industry she developed a deep passion to become a Veterinarian. She moved to Perth and graduated from Murdoch University in 1996.

Family and friends drew Kristabel back to Hamilton where she started her first Veterinary role at Cox Street Veterinary Clinic. In 2000 she travelled to the United Kingdom to explore and work. After three months broadening her horizons she took a position at Heywood Veterinary Clinic. Kristabel again returned to Hamilton after marrying her husband David and resumed her work at Hamilton Animal Health (formerly Cox Street Veterinary Clinic) in 2003.

In 2010 Kristabel purchased Hamilton Animal Health, which is turn merged with Livestock Logic and is now known as Cox Street Vets. Kristabel’s dedication towards her patients, clients and staff is exceptional. On top of her work duties, Kristabel is Mum to Jack, Sienna and Ellie, Baci the Labrador and Hermes the cat. David and Kristabel have a business called Lewiston Park where they train standard-bred racehorses which is a special interest along with reading, knitting and spending time with friends and family.