Dr Kristabel Lewis
Dr Kristabel LewisVeterinarian and Director
Dr Andrew Whale
Dr Andrew WhaleVeterinarian and Director


Anna Smart
Anna SmartPractice Manager
Dr Becky Hallett
Dr Becky HallettVeterinarian
Dr Holly Herrmann
Dr Holly HerrmannVeterinarian
Dr Paddy Hannemann
Dr Paddy HannemannVeterinarian
Dr Claudia Neverauskas
Dr Claudia NeverauskasVeterinarian
Dr Mary McQuillan
Dr Mary McQuillanVeterinarian
Sophie Lambden
Sophie LambdenVeterinarian
Michayla McRae
Michayla McRaeVeterinary Nurse
Sarah Steele
Sarah SteeleVeterinary Nurse
Bianca MacIver
Bianca MacIverVeterinary Nurse
Shae Outtram
Shae OuttramVeterinary Nurse
Katie Adams
Katie AdamsVeterinary Nurse
Hayley Crane
Hayley CraneVeterinary Nurse
Jo Tippett
Jo TippettAdministration
Donna Parfrey
Donna ParfreyCustomer Service/ Administration
Tania Rentsch
Tania RentschFinance Administrator