Grampians Animal Health was established in November 2013 with the trading names of Cox Street Vets and Livestock Logic. The business is owned and operated equally by Dr Kristabel Lewis and Dr Andrew Whale. Dr David Rendell has recently retired from the business after forming Livestock Logic in 2012 after a long standing role in his own business David Rendell and Associates.

Grampians Animal Health employs 11 Veterinarians across our two locations and a large number of highly skilled veterinary nurses and support staff. The business provides everyday care of cats, dogs, large animals and equine.

Livestock Logic has a Parasitology and Feed Laboratory and is involved in a diverse range of projects including on-farm trial work of new and existing veterinary products, animal and plant productivity trials, advisory roles and farmer education through agricultural extension projects and courses just to name a few. Parasitology labs are located in Woorndoo, Penshurst, Tatyoon and Hamilton.

At Cox Street Vets having a large committed team allows our vets to focus on areas of interest to them, such as equine dentistry, wildlife trauma or everyday care of cats and dogs. This means our clients receive the most up to date treatment and advice for their animals.

We have two vets on call after hours during the week, on weekends and public holidays ensuring we provide the best care for all animals – both large and small.

For all small animal and equine inquiries, please call Cox Street Vets on (03) 5571 1202 or email

For all livestock and production related inquiries, please call Livestock Logic on (03) 5572 1419 or email